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Dutch tourists take ‘guides’ to court

Two Dutch tourists have told a court in India that two men repeatedly raped and robbed them four months ago. The two women were giving evidence to a preliminary hearing on Monday in New Delhi.

The membrane between adoption and trafficking is money.

There is a knife blade making slow circles on my heart. At the moment, it’s a blunt blade, but the pressure is there - and increasing. And given enough pressure, even a blunt blade cuts through eventually. The pressure here comes from the ongoing story of corrupt Indian adoptions.

Indian parents want DNA test in Dutch adoption row

An Indian couple whose son was kidnapped in 1999 want to know whether he was later adopted in the Netherlands. On Tuesday, they will be going to the court in the Dutch town of Lelystad to demand a DNA test. If it turns out that the 12-year-old boy is indeed their child, they want contact with him.

Newly Dutch and confused.

I’m a newly minted Dutch citizen. After 20 years here, I was “ingeburgerd” last year, which means I am the owner of a Dutch passport and fully conscious of my responsibilities especially in the light of the looming election - the first in which I can vote.

Showing the world through music to my kids

Just spent the weekend in Nijmegen for the Music Meeting - a pretty terrific world music festival. A sunny weekend in a large park surrounded by trees, dotted with huge performance tents, food stalls, and lots and lots and lots of incredible music meant that a good time was had by all, and I’m back at work exhausted but my ears are still ringing with all that distilled joy.