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Kabul rocks to a trio’s dream

For many many years music in Afghanistan meant singing a religious song or chanting Talibani hymns. Any other form of singing was simply forbidden. Many Afghan families fled the repression to neighbouring countries. And it was here that their kids first heard the sound of an electric guitar, drums and rock music. While most were just happy listening to rock music, three young Afghans had other plans.

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Against the tide

South Asia Wired goes on air this week with two stories from Afghanistan and Bangladesh that go against the tide.

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The Bravest Woman in Afghanistan

She’s been called “the bravest woman in Afghanistan”.
But then again, Malalai Joya comes from a country where you’re taking your life in your hands by simply speaking your mind. It’s a risk that the elected parliamentarian takes daily.

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Laughing at the Taliban is ok with me

Did I ever think I’d laugh at something to do with the Taliban? Nope. But Asif Aktar’s stories on the Taliban have had me giggling in our normally very serious and very busy open plan office.