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Kasab’s death penalty: a done deal?

The death penalty is one of those subjects which divides people’s opinions and leaves them stranded on opposite sides of a vast canyon with no bridge in sight.

icon for podpress  Dheera Sujan talks to Ujwal Nikam and Mihir Desai about the death penalty verdict for Mohammed Kasab: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Blind justice being served cold - 25 years after the crime

It’s been twenty five years since more than 3,000 people died on the night that forty tons of methyl isocynate gas leaked at the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal. Since then an estimated 15,000 people have died of gas related illnesses, and the town is seeing the third generation of its children being born with birth defects.

Guest Blogger Vinita Deshmukh on Kasab’s Verdict

We’ve handed over our bloggers’ chair for the day to Vinita Deshmukh, a senior Indian journalist, activist and the editor of the weekly tabloid Intelligent Pune. Vinita Deshmukh has co-authored the book-To the Last Bullet, along with the Vinita Kamte, the wife of Mumbai Additional Commissioner of Police, Ashok Kamte, who died fighting the terrorists in the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai.