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From a denied to a respected life

They’re belittled, ostracized, called bad omens, and often treated as public sex objects: a life most poor Indian widows have been subjected to for many years. There are an estimated 47 million widows in India. And for those living in rural India, life is still a living Sati
But for the widows of Nagapattinam, a [...]

Micro money brings peace and hope in Sri Lanka

Four weddings and a funeral. Not the film: it’s what Dhanalakshmi Rentals in the town of Kalmunai in eastern Sri lanka has catered to this month. Its owner, 58-year-old Kunjilaiyapodi Dhanalakshmi, is a busy woman these days. She’s just made a receipt of items for another wedding ceremony that will take place this evening.

Quake shattered her life, she stitched it back

The ladies of Sarai can be seen in new outfits these days – a novelty for a village that’s never had its own tailor before.

Against the tide

South Asia Wired goes on air this week with two stories from Afghanistan and Bangladesh that go against the tide.

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Microcredit is a curse for Bidi

Microcredit is often billed as the best thing to hit the developing world since the polio vaccine - but is it?
We here at Radio Netherlands Worldwide have been taking a long detailed look at the people on the recieving end of it in various parts of the world.