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A life sentence that brings shame to the “greatest democracy on earth.”

He’s a soft spoken, mild mannered 60 something doctor and currently being championed by Amnesty International, Noam Chomsky and international human rights activists around the world.  And this Christmas Eve, while I was digging into an enormous Christmas dinner with friends, full of convivial goodwill to all mankind, Dr Binayak Sen who has spent his [...]

The story behind the news from Chattisgarh

Himanshu Kumar must sometimes feel like he’s stepped into a parallel universe.

He’s a committed Gandhian, accused of being a sympathizer to the Naxalite armed struggle. He’s spent 17 years emotionally and spiritually connected to the adhivasis of Chattisgarh in eastern India, and now he lives a shadow life in a faraway city, forbidden from returning to the place he calls home. Every day, he receives phone calls from the people he used to work with, pleading with him to come home, but he can’t.

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