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Celebrating the Independence Day abroad

It’s the Independence Day weekend for both India and Pakistan. Both countries are celebrating 63 years of freedom from the British Raj: Pakistan on the 14th and India on the 15th. While Indians and Pakistanis in the subcontinent will be part of the freedom fever, what about those living elsewhere? How do the Indo-Pak Diaspora [...]

Delhi walls come alive with art

‘The walls of Delhi are our canvas and we’ll bring them to life.’ With this very thought, a group of six young enthusiasts got together early one Sunday morning, armed with buckets of paint and brushes. After 13 long hours of sketching and painting, the 18-metre-long wall now stood covered with a beautiful garden; with birds in their cages, pandas reclining on the grass and leaves falling off a tree.

Micro money brings peace and hope in Sri Lanka

Four weddings and a funeral. Not the film: it’s what Dhanalakshmi Rentals in the town of Kalmunai in eastern Sri lanka has catered to this month. Its owner, 58-year-old Kunjilaiyapodi Dhanalakshmi, is a busy woman these days. She’s just made a receipt of items for another wedding ceremony that will take place this evening.

Mangalore crash- A tragedy that could have been averted

My father is a frequent flier and generally, a calm one. But Mangalore airport has always terrified him. And now his fears have been justified. It’s the airport that will be forever linked to one of the worst crashes India has seen.

The story of the forgotten people: The Bhutanese Lhotshampas

The Netherlands is one of the countries that takes in refugees from around the world - mostly from places like Somalia or Afghanistan. But these days, another tiny immigrant community has joined the list - the Lhotshampas from Bhutan.

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