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The Truth Will Set You Free

Omar Abdullah’s call for a Truth & Reconciliation Commission in Kashmir, following the finding of bodies in mass graves, raises complex and disturbing questions about justice.  Gautam Patel is a lawyer and columnist.  He created the popular blog Prisoner of Agenda

In early 1977, Jacobo Timerman, the publisher of a liberal newspaper in Argentina, was arrested [...]

South Asia’s double curse

Two things.  If I could just wave my wand and “change” something in South Asia, there are two things I would take care of immediately.  Only then, I am convinced, would the hard-working, long-suffering people of the region get the better society they deserve.
Maybe not all rainbows and streets of gold, but certainly an [...]

Jesus: dead or alive?

Long before Dan Brown ever dragged the idea into the global imagination, there were theories that Jesus did not in fact die on the cross. It’s a theory that challenges one of the central tenets of Christianity - without His death, there would be no resurrection and without that - well, no miracle on which to found a major religion.

Quake shattered her life, she stitched it back

The ladies of Sarai can be seen in new outfits these days – a novelty for a village that’s never had its own tailor before.