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Why don’t South Asians talk to each other?

While there is a plethora of media chatter in every country in South Asia, it has always struck me as an odd thing that there’s very little cross-border dialogue going on.
I mean, how often do you hear a Pakistani and an Indian lawyer sitting down to talk about the problems and issues they’re dealing [...]

An insider’s take on the mystery of Kashmir’s conflict.

Kashmir has been fought over by India, Pakistan, and to a lesser known extent, China, since the partition of 1947 that divided the subcontinent. Since then innumerable splinter groups, often backed by outside parties, have negotiated ceasefires, broken then, come to the peace table or stalked off. The majority of Kashmiris call for independence, but its clear that neither India nor Pakistan are ready to make any big concessions.

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Too Poor For Windows

It’s a little house in a little alley somewhere in the old city of Srinagar.  The family who live here have done the best they can with the meager collective earnings of the household.  The father is a day labourer, the daughters bring in some extra income with embroidery work.
I’m led through the single downstairs [...]

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The deserted Shalimar Gardens

Srinagar’s Shalimar Gardens has been the location of so many Bollywood songs that for any Indian, it’s impossible not to hear the tunes in one’s head when one is there.

Srinagar’s hospitals are busy these days

By our correspondent in Srinagar
The wards of Srinagar hospitals have been seeing a lot of traffic over the last couple of months.  Several wounded are admitted on a daily basis – most of them young and with firearm injuries usually on the upper body.

The police here answer stones with live ammunition and aim for the [...]