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Let’s hope for the rise of the South Asian tigress

Women on the whole are not profiting from the South Asian tiger phenomenon. The trickle down factor dries up before it reaches the lowest of the low - most of whom are women.
According to a recent poll from Thomson Reuters, the women of the subcontinent are getting a particularly bad deal.
TrustLaw Women is [...]

Indian naval gazing

For someone who’s been terrified of the sea most of her life, I’ve become wierdly interested in naval stories of late.
Ok so my dad was a Navy Officer a long time ago - for just about long enough to get a couple of handsome snaps of himself in dress whites but not much more as [...]

A Republic day away from home

Today marks India’s 62nd Republic day- A day of remembrance when Indian constitution came into force. And it also marks the first public holiday of the year for Indians.

This is my second year away from India. As I kid I remember Republic Day as being a formal event.  First there was the special flag-hoisting ceremony [...]

The Common ‘wealth’ Games ridiculed

The official website of the 2010 Commonwealth Games features on its front page, a prominent countdown to the very second the Games are scheduled to begin.
It also features the blog of its infamous, corruption tainted chairman Suresh Kalmadi. “We are focused on delivering a great Games” writes Mr Kalmadi, “yes we can do it…”
While the [...]