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Forced to refuse a well deserved prize for a technicality

It’s a saddening experience to read Dr Binayak Sen’s letter to the Gandhi Peace Foundation refusing the Gandhi International Peace Award for 2011.
The furore the nomination caused was more becuase of a technicality in the wording of the award announcement than the fact that it was being bequeathed to a man who has proved his [...]

The hidden corruption in India’s troubled heart

The case of Soni Sori and her nephew Linga Kapodi is a disturbing example of the Nasty India hidden within Emerging India.
While an old man publically refusing food in New Delhi manages to rouse the country in a passion of national pride and foot-stamping insistence that ordinary people have finally become sick of the corruption [...]

Dr Binayak Sen is free again

Dr Binayak Sen is free today.  Around Christmas last year, he was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment by the Raipur Court for aiding a Naxalite leader.
But the Supreme Court ruled that just because he had Naxalite literature in his possession doens’t make him a Naxalite - anymore than owning Gandhi’s writings make someone a [...]