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Organic veggies an indicator of change?

I’ve been returning to India on a yearly or bi-annual basis my whole life. So I’ve had a great vantage point to see the changes over a 40 year span. it’s kind of like the time lapse photography you see in nature films - you know, watching roses bloom and eggs hatch in seconds. So not only have I got to see my friends’ kids whizzing through their childhoods into maturity, but I’ve also got to see Bombay, beloved city of my birth, boom into a bigger and bigger megapolis of slums and mansions.

Is Pakistan’s tragedy less worthy than that of other countries?

According to some reports, the number of people directly affected by the massive floods in Pakistan is greater than those affected by the 2004 tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake combined. That’s somewhere between 14-20 million people, depending on the source.

Food Security in India

Dheera Sujan reporting from India
The scandal about the thousands of tonnes of rotting grain stored in sub-standard warehouses around India only emphasizes the “through the looking glass” feel one gets on coming here from Europe.  Just a couple of days ago, India was indulging in a fair amount of pomp and glory to celebrate 63 [...]

South Asia Beat celebrates Indo-Pak Independence

It’s freedom weekend for Indians and Pakistanis. Both nations are celebrating their respective independence days - Pakistan on the 14th and India on the 15th. And so, saluting the occasion, South Asia Beat features remixed freedom songs from the two countries.

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Delhiites’ cynicism over the “Con-wealth Games”

The deadline is just 44 days away and Delhi Chief Secretary Rakesh Mehta is upbeat – at least for the TV cameras.