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South Asia Wired Blog is put to bed

Faithful readers may have gleaned by now that South Asia Wired is due to be axed due to severe budget cuts for Radio Netherlands Worldwide.
As part of the most massive re-organization in its 65 year history, Radio Netherlands will lose 70% of its funding.  Out of some 370 journalists and support staff, only 100 will [...]

The loss of two powerful voices

Two sad events in the news this last week.
The death of NY Times correspondent Anthony Shadid is a cause of real sorrow for anyone who has wanted to get a nuanced portrait of the true human cost of the conflict in the Middle East.  Mr Shadid who was reporting in Syria at the time died [...]

The jealousy of a non sporty Indian

Indians don’t ice skate.  In fact, Indians don’t do much of anything in the way of sports, and true to my heritage, I’ve been lousy at anything that involves moving, running, jumping or holding a ball.  I have no balance, was always the last kid picked for my netball team and I have those spindly [...]

Sinterklaas is here

Its’s that time of year again. Sinterklaas is back in town.
Non Dutchies should under no circumstances confuse Sinterklaas with Santa Claus.  The two may share a few physical resemblances for sure: they both favour the snow white beard and red suit look, but while Santa is a cuddly (fat), symbol (who started off as [...]

The hidden corruption in India’s troubled heart

The case of Soni Sori and her nephew Linga Kapodi is a disturbing example of the Nasty India hidden within Emerging India.
While an old man publically refusing food in New Delhi manages to rouse the country in a passion of national pride and foot-stamping insistence that ordinary people have finally become sick of the corruption [...]