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The jealousy of a non sporty Indian

Indians don’t ice skate.  In fact, Indians don’t do much of anything in the way of sports, and true to my heritage, I’ve been lousy at anything that involves moving, running, jumping or holding a ball.  I have no balance, was always the last kid picked for my netball team and I have those spindly [...]

He may just be the key to a new thinking on teaching

Maths was always my Achilles heel. Hell, it was my Achilles foot, femur, and hip. And even now, the most basic maths problems can reduce me to a confused gibbering wreck. So it was with great relief when I finally reached the school age where i could choose to stop maths and concentrate on the [...]

Tired of fear

Drowning in 9/11 memorial coverage yesterday, I guess we were all thinking about the impact of that day on the shape of the world since.
Mehreen Zahra Malik the Pakistani journalist interviewed Pakistani politicians, many of whom say that Pakistan has failed to understand the impact of 9/11 on the region - and have done it [...]

The head is off, but is the body dead?

It’s a wonderful blue and gold day here in Holland, much like that blue and gold day in September 10 years ago when the world shifted on its axis.  And again, on this matchless day, there’s big news that will have repercussions for some time.  Osama bin Laden was killed in a mansion not far [...]

Tiptoeing through the tulips on world malaria day

For those of you who live in the sun, and are constantly seeking the cool of the monsoon or if you’re one of the priviliged - airconditioning - you can’t know what it feels to live months and months every year with cold and grey skies.  So when the sun comes, the Dutch go understandably [...]