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The jealousy of a non sporty Indian

Indians don’t ice skate.  In fact, Indians don’t do much of anything in the way of sports, and true to my heritage, I’ve been lousy at anything that involves moving, running, jumping or holding a ball.  I have no balance, was always the last kid picked for my netball team and I have those spindly [...]

Why don’t South Asians talk to each other?

While there is a plethora of media chatter in every country in South Asia, it has always struck me as an odd thing that there’s very little cross-border dialogue going on.
I mean, how often do you hear a Pakistani and an Indian lawyer sitting down to talk about the problems and issues they’re dealing [...]

The conflicts we need to know about

One of the great mysteries of how news organizations work is how they rate news.
The Middle East and Afghanistan feature daily in every major newspaper around the globe, yet Sri Lanka’s bloody conflict just doesn’t rate the same page space or airtime.  How come?  It’s been a horrible few decades for that tragic nation, yet the coverage [...]

Canada’s Tamil refugees: war victims or war criminals?

Canadian authorities are currently investigating hundreds of Sri Lankan refugees who arrived on a cargo ship in Canada on Friday, after the Sri Lankan government claimed the vessel was full of human traffickers and Tamil Tiger rebels. The claim has been denied by Tamil organisations in Canada, which have urged the Canadian government to grant these refugees asylum.

It’s time for some Desi rock

This week, it’s a combo of desi South Asian songs tuned to the electric and bass guitars, keyboards, percussions, and drums. Rock music sung in some of the regional languages such as Nepali, Malayalam and Sinhala. And our focus is on three South Asian Bands, namely: Nepal 1974 AD, Avial from India’s Southern state of Kerala and Nemesis from Sri Lanka.

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