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Music is a joy, not a religious crime

I just finished putting the final mixing touches on a report from our Pakistan correspondent on the Sachal Studio Orchestra, and I l loved doing it.  I’ve seen the video about 40 times I think and still haven’t tired of it. It was such a relief to report on something that’s happening in Pakistan that [...]

Let’s hope for the rise of the South Asian tigress

Women on the whole are not profiting from the South Asian tiger phenomenon. The trickle down factor dries up before it reaches the lowest of the low - most of whom are women.
According to a recent poll from Thomson Reuters, the women of the subcontinent are getting a particularly bad deal.
TrustLaw Women is [...]

Another voice for freedom, lost

It will take time and political will for the truth to emerge about the murder of Saleem Shahzad, the Pakistani journalist whose body was found yesterday. But political will might be hard to come by in this case.
As the Pakistan bureau chief for Asia Times and an Italian news agency, Shahzad was “one of the [...]

The head is off, but is the body dead?

It’s a wonderful blue and gold day here in Holland, much like that blue and gold day in September 10 years ago when the world shifted on its axis.  And again, on this matchless day, there’s big news that will have repercussions for some time.  Osama bin Laden was killed in a mansion not far [...]

Arms yes, bread no

Another great statistic to be proud of. 
India has now become the world’s largest arms importer.
People are starving in the central states, reduced to eating grass.  An international food crisis is hitting even the lower middle class section of society. There is an insurgency in the Red Corridor, in Kashmir, and in the north east.  [...]