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The young will inherit the earth

And they’re not just hanging about waiting for their inheritance. This generation is standing out and making their voices heard again - at last.  After the apathy of the 80’s and 90’s, Greed is Good generation, there’s a new generation taking up the mantle of the 68′ers.
Anonymous, the loose affiliation of hackers from around the [...]

It’s time for some Desi rock

This week, it’s a combo of desi South Asian songs tuned to the electric and bass guitars, keyboards, percussions, and drums. Rock music sung in some of the regional languages such as Nepali, Malayalam and Sinhala. And our focus is on three South Asian Bands, namely: Nepal 1974 AD, Avial from India’s Southern state of Kerala and Nemesis from Sri Lanka.

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Coming up soon: South Asia Beat

Dear folks,
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The story of the forgotten people: The Bhutanese Lhotshampas

The Netherlands is one of the countries that takes in refugees from around the world - mostly from places like Somalia or Afghanistan. But these days, another tiny immigrant community has joined the list - the Lhotshampas from Bhutan.

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Adoption gets another blow, this time from Nepal

It’s happened again. The poo has hit the air circulator again with another negative adoption story. This time the bad news comes from Nepal.