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Forced to refuse a well deserved prize for a technicality

It’s a saddening experience to read Dr Binayak Sen’s letter to the Gandhi Peace Foundation refusing the Gandhi International Peace Award for 2011.
The furore the nomination caused was more becuase of a technicality in the wording of the award announcement than the fact that it was being bequeathed to a man who has proved his [...]

Soni Sori - the misery continues

Chattisgarh-Net is reporting that people have spoken to the relatives of imprisoned Chattisgarh school superintendent Soni Sori who say that she has recieved electric shocks while in the custody of the Dantewada police.  She was supposed to appear in court last week, but the police claimed she had “fallen in the bathroom” and was not [...]

The hidden corruption in India’s troubled heart

The case of Soni Sori and her nephew Linga Kapodi is a disturbing example of the Nasty India hidden within Emerging India.
While an old man publically refusing food in New Delhi manages to rouse the country in a passion of national pride and foot-stamping insistence that ordinary people have finally become sick of the corruption [...]

Why don’t South Asians talk to each other?

While there is a plethora of media chatter in every country in South Asia, it has always struck me as an odd thing that there’s very little cross-border dialogue going on.
I mean, how often do you hear a Pakistani and an Indian lawyer sitting down to talk about the problems and issues they’re dealing [...]

An open letter about beauty and ugliness

Shirin Juwaley is an acid attack survivor who founded the NGO Palash to help burn and acid survivors.  She speaks to young people about her experience.  She was recently denied entry to a Mumbai college by a principal who didn’t want her students to get scared by Shirin’s experience. You can read Shirin’s blog about [...]