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An open letter about beauty and ugliness

Shirin Juwaley is an acid attack survivor who founded the NGO Palash to help burn and acid survivors.  She speaks to young people about her experience.  She was recently denied entry to a Mumbai college by a principal who didn’t want her students to get scared by Shirin’s experience. You can read Shirin’s blog about [...]

Let’s hope for the rise of the South Asian tigress

Women on the whole are not profiting from the South Asian tiger phenomenon. The trickle down factor dries up before it reaches the lowest of the low - most of whom are women.
According to a recent poll from Thomson Reuters, the women of the subcontinent are getting a particularly bad deal.
TrustLaw Women is [...]

Girls still prized more than boys

In the film Osama, the first film to be shot in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban, a mother cuts the hair of her daughter and dresses her as a boy.  The two cannot manage in society without a male to protect them and so the frail little girl has to transform into a [...]

It’s less controversial to burn people than burn the Koran

Many people wouldn’t have heard of Kathy Kelly or the court case scheduled for today where the State of Nevada is charging her and thirteen other people with criminal trespass. Their crime – to try to get onto the Creech Air Force base to distribute a written proposal outlining why they were protesting “a massive targeted assassination programme.”

Kabul rocks to a trio’s dream

For many many years music in Afghanistan meant singing a religious song or chanting Talibani hymns. Any other form of singing was simply forbidden. Many Afghan families fled the repression to neighbouring countries. And it was here that their kids first heard the sound of an electric guitar, drums and rock music. While most were just happy listening to rock music, three young Afghans had other plans.

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