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About the South Asia Wired team

dheera sujanAbout Dheera Sujan

I’ve been producing programmes and writing stories for Radio Netherlands Worldwide for 20 years.

So far its been a terrific ride.  I’ve drunk fermented mare’s milk in Mongolia, recorded an interview in waist deep water to make it through the heat of north western Austalia, survived Holi in an Indian slum, eaten elephant biltong in South Africa, been kissed on the hand by Zakir Hussain and licked on the face by a rather smelly Rajasthani camel.  I live in anticpation for the adventures awaiting me on South Asia Wired.

I was born in India to a Partition-ed family, grew up in Australia and now live in the Netherlands with my Indian and Chinese daughters who can eat noodles with chopsticks and dal and rice with their hands. The lingua franca at home is Dinglish (DutchEnglish) to a Bollywood soundtrack.

Keerthana Nagarajan About Keerthana

Keerthana Nagarajan recently arrived in the Netherlands from India. She worked with reputed Indian Television channel CNN-IBN, producing daily and weekly news programmes and with Indian newspapers like The Hindustan Times, reporting on civic and development issues. She aspires to be a documentary filmmaker.

Born into a South Indian family, Keerthana has grown up mostly in Delhi. She enjoys reading, travelling and experimenting with a variety of cuisines which she tries out on her long suffering husband, a good sport.