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Music as the final goodbye

In this time of sweeping cutbacks, it seems that culture and the arts are always going to be the first victims. It’s happening here in The Netherlands too with the vicious slashing of grants and subsidies to culture.  In schools too, its always the music and drama programmes that are sacrificed first. 

We undervalue the importance of music to our lives.  Oliver Sachs has written about how music is fundamentaly important to our sense of self, our very feeling of being human.  And here’s another story that verifies the importance of music in our lives…When each of us reaches those final moments of life, chances are that we won’t be wanting to hear talk on economics or banking.  I’d say that in that last mist of our experience on earth, we’ll want to go out with family around us, someone to hold our hand, and some music to see us out.

Choosing what should accompany us in the last minutes of life are surely as great an indicator as any on what’s really important.  Why can’t politicians reflect that reality?

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  1. #1 David Berridge
    on Aug 10th, 2011 at 1:01 am

    It is not always true that music is the last reqest of the dying. During their illness in a palliative state , there are more than some people who need to be helped over their fear of dying. In some cases it can never be achieved, with or without music. In some cases the pain is so great that medication is required to a state of unconsciousness. It too difficult too say how much music is valued at the very end as opposed to somewhere along the way of a palliative illness, or if at all. But I do agree for music for those who want it and the calming effect it produces.

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