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Posts from ‘June, 2011’

The conflicts we need to know about

One of the great mysteries of how news organizations work is how they rate news.
The Middle East and Afghanistan feature daily in every major newspaper around the globe, yet Sri Lanka’s bloody conflict just doesn’t rate the same page space or airtime.  How come?  It’s been a horrible few decades for that tragic nation, yet the coverage [...]

You’ve got to love Holland

Just when I think I can’t stand the weather and the food anymore, and start to think about relocating to a place with more sunshine and better restaurants, the Dutch go and do something that makes me realize I’ll never find another place quite as endearingly wacky as The Netherlands.
There’s the eccentric roller blader who [...]

Let’s hope for the rise of the South Asian tigress

Women on the whole are not profiting from the South Asian tiger phenomenon. The trickle down factor dries up before it reaches the lowest of the low - most of whom are women.
According to a recent poll from Thomson Reuters, the women of the subcontinent are getting a particularly bad deal.
TrustLaw Women is [...]

Shopping ourselves into extinction?

During my recent sojurn in Dhaka, I learnt quickly how to plan my day. Totally unfamiliar with the city, I’d ask the driver how far it was to a certain place. “6 kilometres” he’d reply.  “No” I’d respond, “how long will it take to get there?” “one and a half, maybe two hours” would be [...]

Are the Dutch too boring for sex scandals? Or just too sensible?

What makes smart powerful men risk everything for a bit of skirt? Men who have a name and a position to lose, men who KNOW that the media spotlight is on them - the names just go on and on - and let’s not even go as far back as Bill Clinton - just more recently, there [...]