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Posts from ‘June, 2010’

Dutch tourists take ‘guides’ to court

Two Dutch tourists have told a court in India that two men repeatedly raped and robbed them four months ago. The two women were giving evidence to a preliminary hearing on Monday in New Delhi.

Remembering the Emergency

5 June 1975 - 21 March 1977 is often referred as the darkest chapter in the history of independent India. The then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared a state of emergency in the country. What followed was a 19 month-long nightmare that left India shocked.

Managing to live in a hearing world

Deafness is the second most common birth defect in India. According to Deaf Child Worldwide, there are 3 million deaf children in the country, but hardly any specialized institutions cater for their needs. And despite the political promises to give every Indian child the right to education, actually only one in 10 deaf children in the country go to school at all.

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On Rushdie, freedom, virgins and sex.

I went to see Salman Rushdie delivering the first Freedom Lecture in Leiden to a cathedral full of Holland’s finest and brainiest. I went in the spirit of a teenager going to see her favourite pop idol in a concert for the first time.

India needs more Teeth like these

Teeth Maestro - a favourite blogsite I check regularly, has been reporting in almost real time, the storm in a cup unleashed by one guy’s stand against the roadblocks around the house of a government minister. A roadblock, needless to say that’s hugely inconvenient to the general public. So the guy, Samar Ali Khan gets fed up and knocks on the minister’s (Zulfikar Mizra) door - and no surprise - is hustled to the police station and to the courts.