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One child stolen breaks so many different forms of trust

I have family in Pakistan.: an uncle who’s never seen my daughters.
It’s hard for him to travel.  As a Hindu in Pakistan, he’s always been nervous about leaving his thriving business not knowing if the authorities won’t find a reason to confiscate it in his absence.  And these days he’s partly restricted to a wheelchair, so he’s not going to be making this long trip to see me and the kids.

My whole growing up years were spent in a fever of excitement for the Christmases when we went back to visit the Indian family.  I would love my girls to have the same feeling.

I’ve taken them to India a couple of times already, and was planning a trip back to Pakistan this year, but stories like this one are making me think again.

I can’t imagine the grief and fear this family is going through now.  And no matter how hard I try to imgaine myself in the most desperate cicrumstances, I can’t put myself in the mindset of people who would steal a child in front of his family’s anguished eyes - just for a ransom.

Imagine what 5 year-old Sahil must be going through now: the terror of being in the hands of strangers who speak a language he doesn’t understand, in a situation he couldn’t possibly begin to comprehend.

What message is this giving out to the millions of us in the diaspora who love our families back home?  Who want to retain the ties with family and country, have money to spend when we get there, but also want our children safe.  For me, going back to India meant that I would be in the safest nest of all – the loving arms of lots and lots of family.  Sahil’s kidnapping is a betrayal of so many different forms of childish trust.

I don’t know if my love for my family can overcome the fear I have for my children’s safety.

4 Comments on “One child stolen breaks so many different forms of trust”

  1. #1 Dev Narayan
    on Mar 5th, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    It needs a human heart to feel how a parent feel and how a child feel plucked out of his family. When people lose their heart they become walking devils in human form. They will kill without feeling. Whether it is the beheading of innocents in Iraq or killing people on the roads of Nigeria by forcing them lie down on the road and running a heavy vehicle over them. These people do not have any values in their mind to awaken their conscience. They are nothing better than pests and deserved to be treated so too. Pakistan is too dangerous a place at the present moment. It has to change a lot to reach to any level of sanity before starting to give the people living there a little amount of safety. It’s just frightening for any loving parent to even think of what has happened to Sahil and his family. It is unimaginable of what devastating trauma the little child may be undergoing in the hands of heartless human forms. I just close my eyes and pray little Sahil comes out safe and sound to the warmth and love of his family!

  2. #2 sarla
    on Mar 6th, 2010 at 5:07 am

    Sad is the plight of parents when such unthinkable incidents occur. I hope this little boy is still alive and will be returned safely.
    But here in Melbourne, a little Indian boy of three has been taken without any demands being made on the parent-at-home. Within an hr or so they realised that the boy was missing. Police found the body of this boy was found 30 kms away from the house!We can well imagined how devastating it has been for the family who came from Punjab for a holiday. In Melbourne there have been incidents when a few Indian students have been robbed/injured/murdered. When I was in India recently, I was often asked whether it was safe to be in Australia. To my way of thinking all places are “safe” until such ghastly incidents are brought to our notice and then we get paralysed by our own anticipated vulnerability.

  3. #3 Corinne
    on Mar 7th, 2010 at 9:32 am

    Yes, a little girl was taken and killed in Brisbane as well, recently - at least her killer was quickly identified. Fear can be a paralysing thing, but as the days go by we, that is those not too close to he tragedy, return to our normal patterns, as we seize the day.

    It is like driving cars which are the mostly like cause of serious mutilation or death in Industrialized society. Yet we get in them every day ( or here in Australia we do, with our children), we become acclimatized to its threat until it happens closer to us than we are used to.

    Having said all that, yes whenever a child is hurt it is a great betrayal of trust. It should never happen, but it does everywhere.

  4. #4 Dev Narayan
    on Mar 7th, 2010 at 4:25 pm

    When the heart just give way to insane greed, tenderness and compassion is crushed underfoot! The people who took away Sahil is dead in their heart and they are nothing better than pests in human forms. Humanity is dead in these people. They will never know the pain of a child. They will never understand the extreme mental trauma suffered by the parents. When violence and greed dominate, freedom and tenderness die! These things can happen anywhere in the world! As it happen we may have to strive too hard to steady ourselves from being swept away by mistrust! Just have to be a bit more cautious as we move about in different parts of the world. But still it can happen at random anywhere and to anyone, unexpectedly!

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